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MVKN60 Turbomaskinernas Teori, 7.5 hp

The course is given January-March (Study period 3).



Almost all electricity is generated using turbomachines.

Learning outcome

The couse aims at giving the student:

  • an overview of turbomachinery and its applications in power production
  • understanding of the key concepts and fundamental principles, together with the assumptions made in their developpment, pertaining to the operation and design of turbomachinery
  • the capability to deal effectively with practical engineering problems, including analyses, selection and performance prediction.
  • understanding of the methods used in designing a turbomachine.

Compulsary execises

Three exercises should be solved before the final:

  1. Pumps
  2. Gasturbine
  3. Wind Power
    Wind Power corrected drag

Compulsary laboratory exercise

Description of the laboratory exercise and preparation for it can be found here:

Lecture notes and more

Examples of previous finals


Turbomachines in a row

Wind power provides a modest but increasing share of electricity

Guest lecture / Study visit

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